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Rum Runner Cruise Kit (King Size)

Each set includes:

4 - 32 oz. flasks

2 - 16 oz. flasks

2 - 8 oz. flasks

1 - small funnel


If you have booked a cruise and don't want to pay exorbitant prices for alcoholic drinks, look no further than Binocktails' Rum Runner Cruise Flasks. They can help you keep your bar bill under control while allowing you to have a great time.

Binocktails' Rum Runner Cruise Flasks are a great way to smuggle your booze onto the ship in your luggage. When you board a cruise ship your luggage will be x-rayed looking for bottles of liquor you may be trying to smuggle on board. But don't worry. Just wrap your flask in your clothes and place it in the corner of your suitcase, and it should get onboard undetected.

Binocktails Rum Runner Cruise Flasks are:

- Non-metallic - undetectable by most metal detectors and x-ray machines

- Reusable - simply clean with soap and warm water

- Odor-proof and tasteless

- Durable - puncture-resistant, freezable and made with food-grade plastic

- Reliable - leak-proof with a tight, screw-on cap

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