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Wine Chill Stick

Wine Chill Stick


Get perfectly cooled wine with every pour. This ingenious stainless steel Wine Chill Stick takes red wine from room temperature to an ideal serving temperature in around 15 minutes. The stick also keeps a pre-chilled white or sparkling wine cool for as much as an hour.


Why buy our Wine Chill Stick?

  • No mess. The Wine Chill Stick’s unique design allows for drip-free pouring. (No need to take the stick out.) It’s also a great alternative to a traditional ice bucket.
  • Convenient. Now your bottle of wine can come with you from the kitchen to the living room. No more waiting for a commercial or pausing a DVD to go pour yourself another glass of wine. And bottles can stay out during parties – nobody has to go into the refrigerator to get a refill.
  • Easy to use.  Just insert the Wine Chill Stick into the bottle and enjoy!
  • Effortless storage. The Wine Chill Stick’s small size take up next to no room in your freezer. Keep the stick frozen so you’re ready for a great glass of wine in no time.
  • Gift Giving. Wine Chill Sticks are the ultimate gifts for the wine enthusiasts on your list. They are also wonderful presents for anybody who enjoys a nice glass of wine.


How to use and store your Wine Chill Stick:

  • Use warm, soapy water to clean your Wine Chill Stick before and after use.
  • Freeze the Wine Chill Stick for about 60 minutes. (You can keep the Wine Chill Stick in the freezer so you’ll always be ready to enjoy your wine.)
  • Pour a bit of wine out to make room for the Wine Chill Stick.
  • Slip the Wine Chill Stick into the bottle.
  • Pour yourself a glass and delight in having your favorite red, white or sparkling wine at the best temperature.


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